Have you ever gone back 100 plus years and read articles written on various areas within horticulture? It's exciting to see how much has changed as well as how much has not changed.

Most avid gardeners are constantly reading various gardening books on the subject of their interest to become more knowledgeable within that area. As with any interest, having a perspective of the history behind the specific interest can make for an even more enjoyable adventure.

This portion of our online presence began in a rather strange way. As a nurseryman it's understood one has to continuously read a multitude of books, articles, etc. to keep abreast of the industry. The development of this page was driven by a hobby spilling over into an occupation and vice versa. As an avid reader with a preference towards history and a collector of books, periodicals and other historical records, many of them are in the area of horticulture.

These articles have provided me with so much personal enjoyment and elightenment I thought other avid gardeners might find them similiarly interesting. As they're certainly not in the mainstream media of today they provide for refreshing reading. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

If you enjoy these reprints and want us to continue to compile them let us know through an email. Also, if you'd like to see any specific type of information, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Addendum 08.05.04: Those of you who enjoy and read these articles have noticed, as it is working out, not all the articles being added specifically pertain to horticulture. This may be attributed to the authors sense of humor, when reading old newspapers and articles some things are so interesting they have to be shared regardless.