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A good design transcends style, is ageless and will outlast time. Good design begins with a study of the natural conditions of the site and the architectural style of the house, then guiding changes so that the end result is pleasing and in harmony with the natural conditions. Without a design the opportunity to accomplish this most likely will be missed.

Quality landscaping in itself can be accomplished at a reasonable expense. However, as the scope of the project increases, the more important it becomes to choose an Architect with experience. Projects such as the one shown above require a very high level of training, experience and expertise to properly design and install.

The basic design philosophy of Country Arbors Nursery is that we always remain sensitive to the needs of the property, residence and customer when establishing the level of design for any given project, then have the appropriate resources available to ensure our valued customer is provided with an effective, unique solution which meets their specific needs. Regardless of the level of the solution, it should represent the best price to value relationship available within our market.

Donna M. Cultra is our Designer in both Urbana and Onarga, and directs the performance of the team members to insure all designs meet our standards for excellence and installation.

We look forward to discussing any upcoming landscaping requirements which you might have. If you would like more information on our company please contact or e-mail us. We look forward to serving you.