View The Presentation of New Annuals and Plants for 2018

Country Arbors is always looking for new and exciting plants each year and this year we found some beauties.  There are a few of these that won’t be available until later in the year.  The annuals will be available until sold out.

The entire presentation will be given Saturday March 10th, 2018 at the Vermillion County Master Gardeners Spring Festival

The first few pictures are of some recent trips I took. Feel free to scroll down and get to the good stuff.  Also, the formatting is off because of the conversion from Keynote to Powerpoint.  For the perfect version you had to have come seen it live and in person

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Country Arbors is Now Hiring for 11 Positions

Spring is just around the corner and its that time of year. The time when Country Arbors expands our team. Last year we added 7 positions and this year we need another 11 people. We have 33 of 35 people coming back this year so we have a lot of experience to help train and work with our new hires. We are having a Job Fair at the nursery  FRIDAY February 16th from 10 am to 5 pm for anyone interested in the positions. You can meet your managers and the owners and ask questions about the position. We are looking for great personalities and hard working people over experience. You can learn our business with the right attitude and effort. Call 367-1072 with questions Here are the positions that we are looking to fill Annuals Assistant: Responsibilities include helping grow annuals and once finished, helping maintain those flowers. Will also be responsible for helping customers. Good communication and outgoing personality will be necessary Accounting/Customer Service: Position will help in back office with simple accounting work as well as customer management. Time will be spent between communication on phone and work on computer. Must have good understanding of common computer programs Word, Excel, etc. Familiarity of Apple computers a plus Delivery and Planting Crew/Yard Assistant: Must have valid drivers license. Responsible for planting large trees and shrubs and helping around plant sales yard Full Time Delivery Driver: Will have to have or be able to get a Class C License (non CDL) Must have good driving record. Responsible for delivering mulch and plants Full Time and Part Time Customer Service/Administrative Support: Duties range from customer transactions to delivery schedule management. Must possess excellent organizational skills and enjoy helping gardeners. Full Time Perennial Assistants: Watering and maintaining flowers and perennials. Will be part of growing 600 varieties of perennials. Plant knowledge not necessary but helpful Spring Planters: Seasonal job that includes helping plant perennials and annuals for the months of March, April, and May . 40 hours a week. Could be longer for the right person Tree Farm Hand: Two Positions to Fill: Full time March-Dec working in the field producing trees and shrub. Daily job includes harvesting trees and shrubs, maintaining fields and facilities. Part Time Spring Help: Looking to fill various roles for temporary spring help. Very flexible. Facilities and Maintenance: Position would be responsible for keeping grounds looking good and fixing maintenance issues around the nursery. From broken pipes to minor construction. Could be part time for the right person. Flexible days Country Arbors welcomes all applicants who feel they fit one or more of these positions. Se habla Espanol. All jobs (except part time ) are 40 hours a week from approximately end of February to December 1st. Apply in person at Country Arbors, 1742 County Rd. 1400 North (East Windsor Rd) Urbana IL. Call Tom at 367-1072, or visit for more information. EOE There is a downloadable Application HERE So if you know anyone, including yourself, that wants to work growing and selling plants, let us know. We are very competitive with our wages and I think you will truly enjoy working with our staff. If you’re tired of the stress of working the desk job or inside, come work with us. Nothing will improve your life better than loving your job.
1760 County Road 1400 N

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There’s not better gift to a plant lover than a Gift Certificate to Country Arbors Nursery.  We can mail it to them for you or have it waiting at the nursery.


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Need Soil For a Raised Bed? We have the Soil For You.

Live in Champaign Urbana and wonder where the topsoil went? If you have terrible soil or can’t get down to plant why not bring the garden to you? A raised bed is the perfect way to make gardening easier. Once it’s built, you now have perfect soil and a garden all at waist level.

But where do you get the soil to put in it? Country Arbors of course. Our black soil is screened with beautiful texture and no clumps. Our soil was taken from the new Birkey’s location and is good, black, Illinois topsoil.

Our planting blend is 1/3 compost and 2/3 black topsoil. It is $35 per yard. We have pickup 7 days a week and also offer delivery for a fee. If you have some new beds or are just toping off old one, stop by or schedule delivery today.

Mums Are Now Ready: A Perfect Fundraiser

We grew even more Mums this year and now we’re up to 18,000 mums grown this year

We price our GIANT 3 gallon Mums at $5.  If your organization, school, or team is looking to raise money then our Mums are the perfect thing to sell.  We will provide an order sheet to hand out.  They simply select which color they want and in the Middle of September we will deliver the order to your location (local delivery only, check for details) for free. We only ask that you are able to sell 100 Mums.  Last year schools did well selling them at $8 a piece.  The Mums will come with specialized labels with whatever price you would like to charge and your name.  And we don’t make you pay anything until delivery.   Call 367-1072 and Ask for Angie for more details or to start your fundraiser.

Of course you can always just come in and get your Mums any time

(our actual field of Mums. Picture taken this week)

50 Gardening Tips to Save You Money and Time

  1. Take advantage of August sales vs Late Fall sales. Fall sales don’t always give enough time for the plants to root up.
  2. There is no hardy grass that has the full redness of ‘Rubrum’ despite what some may tell you. There is a short grass called ‘Red Baron’ that has a lot of red but it’s not the same and 2 feet shorter. Just plant the Rubrum each year, it’s worth the effort
  3. Mums need to be planted in August early September for your greatest chance of coming back
  4. If you want a grass that comes up early ask for a “cool season grass” An example would be Karl Foerster. Most are warm season and that’s why they come up later. An example of a warm season grass would be Miscanthus
  5. Fall pansies that survive the winter are merely annual violas. They have smaller flowers but usually come back in the spring
  6. Fill half of your large pots with empty plastic soda bottles, packing peanuts, or anything light weight. You save a lot on soil, the planter is lighter, and it drains better
  7. Want your asters and mums to be short, compact and bloom in the fall? Trim them back all the way to the ground in the first of June. Do the same for Sedum Autumn Joy
  8. The general rule to remember for planting all bulbs is to bury the bulb three times the size of the bulb
  9. Pointy side up. All plants, all bulbs. This works on 99% of things if you aren’t sure how to plant
  10. Waterlilies, iris, lotus, most oxygenators stay in the pond. Most of the rest must come in or they’ll die
  11. Wilt Proof is a miracle spray for protecting all things evergreen. It keeps the winds from taking the water out of the leaves which is the main source of winterburn
  12. Do not cut back your hydrangeas or grasses in the fall. The tops help protect the plant for winter.
  13. The only hydrangea you cut back are the Annabelle types. They grow on new wood so cutting off the old wood is ok. If you cut off all the old wood you’ll be left with a beautiful plant next year that never blooms
  14. If your plant had any foliar disease during the year, make sure to pick up and get rid of all leaves.   No mulching or composting them. It carries the disease
  15. If you want to stop the squirrels from getting at your bulbs. Plant up the area, put down chicken wire and then mulch on top
  16. Wrap the trunks of all your trees that bare any kind of fruit. Trees that bear fruit have a sweet bark that rabbits like to eat
  17. If you’re not using Rabbit Scram in the winter you are asking for trouble
  18. The more sour the fruit the longer it will hang on your tree. Red Jewel Crab holds fruit the longest because it is the bird’s least favorite
  19. Mixing daffodils and tulips seem to keep the squirrels at bay. Daffodils are poisonous (don’t ask me how squirrels know this) and so if tulips are planted close they skip the whole area
  20. Japanese maples don’t mind the cold as much as they dislike the freezing and thawing. It’s too hard on them to go from 40 to 0 each day. Put them in a spot on the north side or east side where the snow never melts and you’ll have a very happy tree
  21. Paint you terra cotta pots with cement sealer and they will last twice as long as if you didn’t
  22. A pyramid shaped boxwood makes a much better plant for a pot vs. a dwarf Alberta spruce. One lives, one doesn’t
  23. Feed the birds. It’s relatively cheap and watching them feed is a very relaxing and peaceful thing to do. Don’t forget open water for them as well
  24. Winter last 5 months yet most people buy plants based on what they do for 6 weeks during spring. Pick plants that make a nice late fall, winter presentation
  25. Have us store your winter plants. We charge only $10 a square foot and for most tropical plants that’s cheaper than a new one and yours is full, beautiful, and ready to go when you pick it up in the spring.
  26. Want to collect seeds? Put pantyhose around the seed pods and let them dry naturally. You’re neighbors may think you’re crazy but you don’t have to worry about them blowing away or having the birds eat them
  27. The best price on tree work (pruning/removal) is during the winter. If you’re not in a hurry wait until then because the arborist and tree trimmers love to have winter work and will give you much cheaper prices.
  28. Almost every tag in the nursery industry underestimates the mature size of the plant. Small is good so they always stay on the short size to increase sales.
  29. Sowing grass seed over the top of snow works very well. When it melts it takes the seed into the ground with it
  30. Having trouble keeping astilbe watered? Dig a hole, put in a plastic shopping in the bottom, plant the astilbe. Won’t let water drain which is OK in this case
  31. Ask for a discount if you buy a certain amount. Garden centers usually reward for buying large quantities. All they can say is no
  32. Almost all wall stone is cut 8” deep. You get 27 feet long at one feet high per 2000 pounds.   That info will save you a lot of time.
  33. This group will kill 5 times more plants from overwater than you will from underwatering. Overwatering symptoms are the exact same as being dry
  34. Don’t use fresh wood chips to mulch your bed. I know they’re free but they will zap all the nitrogen out of your plants. Let it age first
  35. Water your petunias and calibrachoas with acidic fertilizer. They are acid loving plants. Actually they are basic hating plants
  36. The grafted vegetables are worth the high price. Better yields, no disease. Cost 4 times more but easily get your money back
  37. Have a plant that’s a little temperamental? Put it in your window well. Less harsh down there
  38. If you store your cannas and caladiums, don’t wash and use dry peat
  39. What you learn in master gardening is a great base. Just enough to make you dangerous.
  40. Put foot markers on your handles and they can then be used to measure
  41. Next time you boil your vegetables. Use the water to water your plants. They love vegetable soup
  42. Use the two liter bottle , quarter filled with sand trick to keep pots and ponds from freezing and breaking
  43. The lint from your dryer makes a perfect amendment for water retention in your hanging baskets and pots.
  44. Keep the slugs off your hostas by crumbling up your eggshells. Slugs hate the rough surface on their bellies
  45. Sleep Creep Leap. That’s generally what your trees and larger shrubs do the first three years. Good soil and better care helps reduce the timeframe but not the process.
  46. Trimming right after a bloom is the perfect time in 99% of plants.
  47. Clematis don’t have to grow on just trellises. Drape them over a nearby shrub like a blanket of flowers. Or even as a groundcover
  48. The word dwarf is a relative term. It only means it’s smaller the original species.   Dwarf can still be 6 feet high and wide. Even if it says dwarf, read the label.
  49. Never put weed fabric under mulch. Good mulch breaks down to a wonderful soil but then you have soil on top of your weed fabric which renders it useless
  50. Hanging Irish Spring soap in nylons from young trees really keeps dear away. They don’t like the scent.

An Incredible New Deutzia: Yuki Cherry Blossom


This could be our new favorite plant.   Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom is the perfect little plant that stays small and blooms its heart out every spring.  It gets 12-24″ tall and just as wide.   The pictures below were taken on the first day of May.  Only 20 left at the time of this post