Need Soil For a Raised Bed? We have the Soil For You.

Live in Champaign Urbana and wonder where the topsoil went? If you have terrible soil or can’t get down to plant why not bring the garden to you? A raised bed is the perfect way to make gardening easier. Once it’s built, you now have perfect soil and a garden all at waist level.

But where do you get the soil to put in it? Country Arbors of course. Our black soil is screened with beautiful texture and no clumps. Our soil was taken from the new Birkey’s location and is good, black, Illinois topsoil.   You have a choice of two types of compost. One is mushroom compost.   Compost taken from a mushroom factory combines with aged cow manure and peat moss to make the perfect blend. The other product is pure vegetable waste. Made from the leftover food waste of pumpkins, lettuce, and various fruits and vegetables. Then screened for a nice consistency.

Our soil is less expensive than the recycling center and our compost isn’t made of random collections of waste from around town. I want to know the exact source of materials I put in the garden when growing products that I am going to eat.

Our planting blend is 1/3 compost and 2/3 black topsoil. It is $35 per yard. We have pickup 7 days a week and also offer delivery for a fee. If you have some new beds or are just toping off old one, stop by or schedule delivery today.