Certificate of Resale

The State of Illinois requires us to have a signed Certificate of Resale on file for each of our customers who have tax exempt status. These certificates are not allowed to exceed one year in date, therefore requiring a new certificate be submitted annually.

If Country Arbors Nursery, Inc, Urbana, IL does not have a current Certificate Of Resale on file for your company, we are required to charge 7.5% sales tax on all invoices.

The undersigned hereby certifies that, unless otherwise specified, all material purchased, or may be purchased by us, from Country Arbors Nursery, Inc. is for the purpose of resale as tangible property, and assumes liability for payment of Retailer’s Occupation Tax or Service Occupation Tax with respect to receipts from the resale of this property to users or customers.

This certificate shall be considered a part of each order which we shall give, unless such order is otherwise specified.

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