Mums Are Now Ready: A Perfect Fundraiser

We grew even more Mums this year and now we’re up to 18,000 mums grown this year

We price our GIANT 3 gallon Mums at $5.  If your organization, school, or team is looking to raise money then our Mums are the perfect thing to sell.  We will provide an order sheet to hand out.  They simply select which color they want and in the Middle of September we will deliver the order to your location (local delivery only, check for details) for free. We only ask that you are able to sell 100 Mums.  Last year schools did well selling them at $8 a piece.  The Mums will come with specialized labels with whatever price you would like to charge and your name.  And we don’t make you pay anything until delivery.   Call 367-1072 and Ask for Angie for more details or to start your fundraiser.

Of course you can always just come in and get your Mums any time

(our actual field of Mums. Picture taken this week)