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Premium Fraser Cut Christmas Tree

There is no finer Christmas tree than the Fraser Fir. The tree has beautiful blue-green needles with silvery undersides and that pleasant evergreen scent. Fraser fir has stiff branches that are perfect for holding ornaments with the best needle retention you can get in a live cut tree.

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Christmas-Candle Ring
Price: $19.95
Christmas-Door Swag Evergreen Bunch
Price: $11.95
Christmas-Door Swag Traditional
Price: $12.95
Christmas-Wreath Fraser Fir 24"
Price: $32.95
Christmas-Wreath Masterpiece With Berries 24"
Price: $54.95
Christmas-Wreath Mixed Noble 20"
Price: $29.95
Christmas-Wreath Mixed Noble 24"
Price: $34.95
0 Items In Holiday Cart