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Landscape Consultation, Design and Support Services.

Landscape Consultation, Design & Support Services

Country Arbors Nursery Landscape Division is widely known for its ability to conceptualize, design and install unique, distinctive landscape solutions in a manner exceeding the standards of most companies. This principle underlies all projects regardless of scope or scale.

Our landscape architect is surrounded by a talented installation crew with 45 years of combined experience and 25 acres of nursery product that is locally grown and available for you to see and touch before your landscape is installed.

While we appreciate the opportunity to install your landscape, we also offer services that will guide you in your self installation. Below are the different services we offer.

On-Site Consultation

On-site consultation is the initial phase of all in field services provided by Country Arbors. A Country Arbors Designer will meet with you at your home and consult with you on your landscaping needs and explain how your landscaping objectives can best be accomplished.

The minimum charge for this consultation is $100.00 for one hour. If the customer requests additional consultation above one hour, additional time is charged at the rate of $100.00 per hour.

This fee is applicable to all new landscape customers and is paid at the time of consultation, however it will be credited against the purchase of any landscape installation purchase the client makes within 30 days from the date of consultation. The fee may not be applied to any cash and carry purchases made through the Retail Division.

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Landscape Plan Design & Installation

When it is mutually established that a design is required to further develop and present our concepts and ideas, Country Arbors will develop and design the project at no cost to the client.

Once the project is developed, the proposal will be presented to the client. If the client finds it meets his expectations a contract will be executed enabling Country Arbors to proceed with the project.

If the client does not feel the proposed project meets their needs or expectations for whatever reason, they have no obligation to Country Arbors. Country Arbors will retain the plan and all rights associated with it.

Landscape Plan Design

When it is established that a project is beyond the scope of the consultation and a design is required to further develop and present our concepts, but the customer does not want a complete design/build installation, Country Arbors will design the project and sell only the design and the materials.

A cost estimate for the required product were it bought from Country Arbors Nursery will be presented at the same time as the plan presentation.

Clients choosing to purchase their needed product all at one time from Country Arbors will be offered a volume based discount, and the plan will be included with the product at no extra cost.


We guarantee our work and all plant material has a 100% replacement guarantee for one year from the date of installation as specified in the contract. Your Architect or Designer will provide you with complete plant care instructions. Our staff is available to check your installation throughout the warranty period to insure the success of your investment, and our crews to support any service and replacement needs which arise.

When clients choose to purchase the material from Country Arbors and install it themselves they will receive a one year, 50% warranty as specified in the contract.

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